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Pramod Nutan Dhara

Pramod Nutan Dhara

Serco Global Services
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Pramod Nutan Dhara's Experience
GIS Analyst
Serco Global Services, Hyderabad, INDIA
Media Analyst
IT People (India) Ltd, Hyderabad, INDIA
Software Developer
jasper informatics pvt ltd, Hyderabad, INDIA
Pramod Nutan Dhara's Education
Guru Nanak Engineering College, Ibrahimpatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Raja Mahendra College of Engineering, Ibrahimpatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Narayana junior college
sri krishnaveni talent school
Difficulties in web development.
analyzing,coding as per exact requirement and re usability of web services are the current challenges.especially providing security on lowest level is a challenge
Describe your Web Application?
currently Iam working on web application designed by our client. used especially for GIS product operations and information analysis. it is like a framework.Iam not supposed to share above this.
Inspiration to Create
meeting client requirements is not just a criteria for a web developer. the design constraints must be functional without breakdown.interlinking must be always functional as client may be having requirements. need and approach towards trying something better has always inspired
Decisions That Mattered
I am building my carrer so I can only say that being focused on what ever job Ido .do it properly and try to grow.identify the opportunity when it comes to me and try to utilize it wisely.trying to identify after meth results before doing a job.these play important role in my carrer decisions
Skills and Technologies
skills involve software design patterns, frameworks and interface and it enabled service environments.if get a chance want to work on human computer interaction.
Work in a different way
certainly it would be in the field of IT managment or software design and development.if I get a chance will work upon current challenges on web applications such as data transfer through interfaces and frameworks using different web applications like and J#
Tell us about your skills?
I am not different from others.but yes my interest and zeal in learining and applying technology and an eye over understanding the need of the hour,perfect analysis and working on what exactly would be more beneficial know and for the future in my job may create some difference.
Five Years Down the Line
really hard to say as Iam struggling to get what I belived in.but yes I have a dream of a system lets see..
overcoming tough situations.
as a web developer I can improvise coding and project cycle and make sure product developed is flexible on services being deployed in the very inital stages.
Your Accomplishment
1)published research paper in IJARCSSE on rresearch topic Integrated framework using web services and SOA 2)was awarded "Certificate of excellence" in afro-asian games conducted in september 2003.
Interview Tips
people are more smarter than we think.but I request only onething. donot bluff infront of hr manager. and donot lie.simple
Educational background
completed my masters in technology specialization in computer science and engineering with a first class from Guru Nanak Engineering in december 2012.bachelors in technology specialization in computer science and engineering in 2008 in second class.intermediate from narayana junior college.
I create an order about which job is to be done first and which I can do more efficiently and which can be delayed by a minute or two.proper planning always helped me and been my guide.
Success according to me
growing along with firm and developing skills both professional and interpersonal and maintaining healthy relationships with my colleagues.
Journey to the corporate world
I am more of a beginner so its not fair enough for me to talk on this. but I have learnt that accepting challenges,learning new skills will help us stay strong
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