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Shilpa Kota Venkata

Shilpa Kota Venkata

Assistant System engineer
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Shilpa Kota Venkata's Education
Sri Siddhartha Institute Of Technology, Tumkur, Karnataka
Advice For New Professionals:
believe in yourself but dont be an egoist.Go with the world to upgrade yourself but dont participate in the rat race blindly. Mke your own identity with the help of your honesty and self credibility.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I did fare well in every step i have undertaken right from my kindergarten till date though there were many upheavels but i firmly believe that if one has a strong will . nothing is impossible. I had been a Rashtrapati Awardee in the field of Bharat scouts and guides,District level chess champion,and faring well interms of my engineering grades or rather more technically CGPA .Other than teh same i believe the concept of being best among average stands more reliable than being average among the best .My parents have been the pillar of support throught
Professional Strengths:
Learning is a continuous process which never ends, its also good to learn from learners. This what i firmly believe
Done Differently:
A regret free effort.
Role Model:
Solely my parents as they have created me and made me what i am today . Their contributions,sacrifices are eternal and of course they are my pillar of support throughout.It cannot be expressed in words as to how much they mean to me.
Plans For The Future:
I cannot measure the horizontal and vertical heights but i am very sure i would make it possible that where ever i stand i would see to it that that i land on a firm ground presicely i would make sure that my fundamentals are so concrete that i dont have to look back.I would have carried my endeavours in such a way that the credibility of the job is defined by me
Family Background
I do hail from a moderate family which believes in plain living and high thinking .My father always says that chase your dreams honestly without which even if a success is attained that adds no relevance. he believes whatever task is to be accomplished by an individual should be rreflecting excellence.My mother whos always believed in high optimism and always stated that rise high by your deeds not by needs.My grandparents who also stand as support for my living who had taught me the ethics of life
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